Busy December, In a Good Way

There has been so much that has happened in the past two weeks, which explains my absence from the blogging world.  All the way from actually completing my stockings to a visit to the convent to hanging out for a week in Indiana.  All of them have been fantastic, all of them include fantastic pictures, and all of them will have to be a seperate blog on their own….  Next week.  When the holidays are simmered down.  And life returns to ‘normal’. 

But right now I am immensely enjoying being around my family, eating way too much, staying up way too late, and having way too much fun!  There is nothing like a great Christmas with a great family and a fantastic husband.  =)  The best part is, we get to see the other side of the family this coming weekend.  I’m beginning to forget what my house looks like….


Intentionally Passionate

It’s Wishcasting Wednesday!!!   Jamie asks us this week:

 What do you wish to give?

Holy Cows.  I wish to give myself fully and completely to those around me.  To my husband, to my youth, to my friends, to my family, and mostly to the God who created me.  I feel like lately I have been slacking in every area of my life. Only half-present at any point in time.  Yes, I am definitely ready for Christmas break, and yes, I am exhausted from an incredibly busy, but amazing month with the youth group, but those are not excuses to not not live fully.  To not give myself fully.

One of my dearest friends posted on her blog recently about living genuinley bold.  It challenged me to figure out how I wanted to live my life for the next year, and beyond I hope.  So, I’ve chosen to be Intentionally Passionate.  Meaning, everyday I want to be passionate about what I’m doing, living in the now.  Giving myself completely.  Being intentional within that passion, directing it to where it needs to go.  To the person, or people, to the project, and all of it, hopefully, being directed to our God.

That is my wish.  To give myself completely through my intentional passion.

Soul Expression 2

I just finished the movie Julie & Julia, and oh my goodness, it was amazing.  I felt like it spoke to the souls of every woman ever born.  Life is all about finding what we love, and letting our souls shine through that passion.  Allowing other people in, even if it’s scary, or we don’t think they will want to.  Because, once we open up in unimaginable ways, people are drawn in to the authenticity.  They are drawn in to the  raw and vulnerable.  Why is it that people want to be around real people, but it’s so hard to drop the facade?  Julie & Julia, both women, in very different time periods were able to open up, and through that they helped other women do the same thing.  I love true stories about authentic people.

And, of course, I have to mention that these two women in the movie would not have been able to accomplish what they did without the loving support of their husbands.  It’s often said that behind every good man is a good woman, but really, that goes both ways.  I know for a fact that I would not be able to do anything well without my husband encouraging me the whole way.  From growing a fetus to making stockings (a good post for a later day, once they get finished.)  But, really, I guess that’s what a marriage is supposed to be.  Both people finding or growing in their passion with the other one cheering them on the whole way.

I love when Julie’s husband gives her the set of pearls.  He feeds her dream.  And that is what life should be about.

 Feeding our dreams.

Random Ramblings…

I survived the weekend!  Not only did I survive, but I’m very excited for my kids that got to come.  And I will continually pray for the ones that couldn’t.  Watching kids encounter Christ is such an amazing experience.  I love seeing the light bulb come on for some of them, watching them realize that there is more to life than video games, sports, gossip, sex, drugs, all the stuff that hinders them from a healthy spiritual life.  Maybe the seeds are getting planted and one day they will take root.

A big thanks to the Texas Tech students who came out to put on the retreat.  It kind of made me want to go back to college.  Sort of.  =)  And then I look down at my growing belly and realize that this stage in life has it’s own blessings and good times.  Almost more so.  Baby has been very active the past few days.  I guess it’s a foreshadow of things to come.

And, my big brother took his firefighter certification test today!!!  Go Bradley!  We are proud of you!  Now move back to Texas!!!

Progress, Not Perfection

I’m learning many life lessons all at once. Which is good, I guess. The most important one is coming from my newest quest to finish a class by book called “The Artist’s Way”. This is a book written by a woman who teaches people how to unlock their creative genius. So far, I’m very hooked, but already it’s teaching me a lot about myself. One thing that stuck out to me in this current week’s lesson is that we should strive for progress, not perfection.

So many times I’ve let my lack of what I think I should be hold me back. Especially in my job. I am so hard on myself when it comes to doing new things in my ministry. I hold the program back from so many things that would be fantastic for my kids if I would stop being so afraid of failing. I think to myself so often, I wouldn’t be able to get kids there if I even tried, or that won’t work, or that’s too much work to do, or no one will help me even if I asked.
Of course, all these things are so far from the truth, and I continue to believe them. So, my challenge to myself is to step up and push past the fear factor. To actually give us all the opportunity to grow continually in our walk with Christ. To let go of what I think I can’t do and allow myself to surprise myself.
Which reminds me, we have a retreat coming up this weekend. Please pray that it goes well and that I can overcome the nerves of hosting something that is seemingly out of my league. Because even if things don’t go as smoothly as I want them to, I am progressing in the ministry and doing something I haven’t done before. And that is a victory in and of itself!