I knew I was tired when I was a pregnant woman, but I’m just now beginning to realize how tired I truly was.  I feel like a brand new being, up early, and not due to heart burn, actually accomplishing things around the house and getting really pumped for the things I have to get done today.

We are at the end of my second year as an official ‘youth minister’ and it has been quite a ride!  Challenging, but rewarding all the same.  I have watched these kids grow so much and fall so in love with the faith that I almost can’t handle it!  Last night was our last night for the high school and the things they told us they’ve learned….it makes me happy to know that we as a team were able to help them grow in the most important aspect of their lives….

I can’t wait for Wednesday to see what my middle school kids have to say!!!  Those are the kids that really surprise you!!

All this to say that even with having a baby in the middle of the year, or maybe especially because of that, the year went by WAY too fast!  I’ve fallen so in love with these kids and the volunteers that teach them.  I may think that God gives me too much responsibility, but I feel so incredibly blessed that He trusts me with such an important and life-giving job.

Just like I told the kids last night, it’s soul-feeding to do what we do.


Wishcasting Wednesday: Movtivate

Today is Wishcasting Wednesday!!!  And since I’m trying to keep up with my blog, I want to answer today’s question:  What do you wish to have?

There are so many ways to answer this question.  In fact, as I’m typing I have no clue what I do wish to have…  I have a wonderful husband, a beautiful daughter, and a job that allows me to be a mother to her….


Motivation, I wish to have motivation.  You know those people that can get out of bed during the summer break and go non-stop until they go to bed and by the end of the day they’ve built and entire castle, decorated said castle, and had their first ball in the ballroom of said castle all before noon so they can take a leisurely swim in the moat in the afternoon all to get antsy and go run a marathon?

Yeah, I’m married to one of those people and I often wish to have that kind of self-motivation.  I guess I should stop using excuses and get my butt out of bed sooner so that I have more hours in the day to use…  That and get unaddicted to the internet again….  Neither of which sound too terribly appealing.  But, self-motivation, I can work on that.  Maybe the motivation is there, but the discipline I am lacking….  Who knows.

Hey, I’m blogging again, that’s a step in the getting my soul back and getting motivated direction….  We will see.

Sunday Drive

Today is Sunday.  A day of relaxation, for the most part. We like to attend Mass on Saturday evenings to give ourselves a day to sleep in.  And it. is. glorious.  Late breakfast of burritos and homemade hot sauce (salsa for those of you from not around here..) and freshly ground coffee all while listening to the coos of our sweet baby girl.

Husband is still spinning with excitement from his first CD being out and he got his first internet sale last night!  Our house has been invaded with piano meditation paraphernalia and thoughts on marketing and really, the house has exploded with excitement of dreams being fulfilled and future dreams are being conceived.  It’s inspiring to see someone’s dream cone to fruition and actually see so much positive response from others.

So, I have decided that I should do the same.  Maybe that’s why I’ve been back into the blogging world.  To start unleashing the artist within.  To let myself create.  To color world with vibrant thoughts and big  dreams.

I’ve been reading other blogs and sites and trying to connect with other bloggers around the globe, and one thing that really gets the passion to flow is knowing that there are other people with the same types of dreams.  Many of those dreams become reality, and all because we take the time to connect and support and throw our dreams into a big pot so that somehow they become a melded giant ball of dreams and goodness.  And with the combined dream, we can all partake, have a piece of the confetti cake with rainbow chip icing.  Man, is it delicious and soul-healing.

So, for today, feed your inner-self:  Take a Sunday Drive.
Not necessarily an actual drive, but take 10 minutes to relax.  Spend time enjoying the family.  Eat something amazingly delicious.  Take a walk.  Do something that feeds your soul.

And, check out  Share a piece of the dream.

8 Small Things

*8Things icon

Today I decided to play along with my friend from The End of my Rope who plays along with Magpie Girl.  Today’s project: list 8 small things you are grateful for, and seeing as I need to get out of this black mood that seems to match the dreary weather outside, here I am.

And here are 8 small things I am thankful for:

1.  Being sandwiched between the two loves of my life. (The husband and the kid.) Nothing can make you feel more loved than that!

2.  This amazingly delicious steaming cup of freshly ground coffee.

3. Being able to take a jog last night.  The first of many since Evalyn was born!

4. Baby cuddles.  They never get old for me.  Hopefully they won’t ever get old for her, either!

5.  Being Catholic.

6.  Scrabble with the husband.  (Mostly because I’m winning this time. 😉  )

7.  Living among a community, and actually knowing people.  It’s a nice change from the nomadic life I held before.

8.  Thoughts.  Being able to think for myself.

What are you thankful for?

The Goal of our Faith

1 Peter 1:8-9

“Although you have not seen him you love him; even though you do not see him now yet believe in him, you rejoice with an indescribable and glorious joy, as you attain the goal of [your] faith, the salvation of your souls.”

The goal of our faith, the salvation of our soul.

We have faith, and we believe, and there is a purpose.  It is not to throw it in others faces or to condemn.  It is not to induce judgement or to be boastful.  Our faith is not intended to give us an air of superiority.

Our faith, its sole purpose, is the salvation of our souls.  To grow closer to Christ now so that we may live with Him eternally.  So that we may love one another now so that we can soak in God’s love in Heaven.  To glorify Him in all that we do so that we may one day see first hand His amazing glory.

This is the goal:  The salvation of our souls.

Goals and Deadlines

I have learned that without specific goals I get nowhere.  Not only do I need goals, but deadlines are helpful.  I guess that’s procrastination at its finest.  So, I’m trying to set definite goals.  Like blogging every day to help my creativity flow.  So, here I am, blogging so that maybe I can let out some of the creative tension that’s starting to build up inside my soul.  I can tell this is happening because Husband has looked at me the past two nights and said, “Have you blogged lately?”  He knows it’s my creative outlet.  And he encourages it.  Makes me love him even more.

But, alas, I have drifted off topic.  Goals and deadlines.  Another goal that I am going to set for myself is that I write and article for Helium once a day.  Well, every weekday.  This way, even if they are of poor quality to begin with, they will hopefully grow as I write.  If I never feed my creativity, it will never grow…

It’s a pretty hefty goal, but I believe I can do it!