Try New Things…it’s Fun!

Husband and I, well, we’re a little on the crazy side.  We proudly refer to ourselves as hippies… we love the green, and we’re kind of on the free-thinking side of life.  Not when it comes to morality and our faith, but when it comes to going against the flow…. trying not to do things just because ‘everyone else is doing it.’  

Our hippie-ness has led to a very bright home.  Color-wise.  Our kitchen is purple with old 70’s orange counter top, a golden dining room and a green, light seafoam-ish living room….  I know is sounds absurd, but really, it’s fun and elegant in its own way.  The bright is accented with black and white randomly placed here and there.  I’m not one for the neutral colors….  I like them, they look beautiful in other people’s homes, but I think it would stifle the creative genius in my brain that is fighting to release itself….

I’ve been on a kick to get new things put up and finished, the little things like pictures on the blank walls, knick-knacks on the shelves, etc.  So, we decided to paint our hallway because it was so boring and bland still.  Our house is in the shape of a square so the hallway opens up to both the dining room and living rooms, which are connected to each other.  So, I decided to paint the hallway blue…  and I don’t mean a light, calming blue, it is BLUE!  BLUE!!!!  A very bright, not matching, carnival fun house kind of blue…actually Husband says it looks like a ‘Saved by the Bell’ blue, it belongs in a high school girl’s room.  So, I tried painting some designs in black to see if we could save it…

Needless to say, we repainted it last night to orange.  And yes, I know orange doesn’t sound any tamer than the crazy bright blue, but in our house it actually goes with the color scheme instead of totally working against it.  And now, we love it instead of going, ‘I kind of like it, do you, I don’t know, maybe not…’  

All this to say, TRY NEW THINGS!!  It’s fun.  I would have always wondered what a blue hallway would have looked like had I not tried it.  A boss that my husband once had told him, 

“You always have the rest of your life to never try it again.”  

So, give it a try!  If it doesn’t work, there’s always orange paint.



Be careful what you pray for.


Husband prayed last year for patience and endurance.  I know that I learned both of those through my pregnancy.  And I’m continually learning them through motherhood.

I tend to pray for growth.  He sure is growing me.  I feel stretched to the limit, for sure!  But, then as I think about it, life would be boring if we weren’t growing.  If we never had to rise up against new challenges, or take on new responsibilities.  That’s how God is growing me.  Responsibilities.  A youth group and a baby, He’s trusted me with both at the same time.  With His precious children.  He obviously thinks that I can handle it.  But it is taking some growth and stretching on my part to be able to handle all this the way He wants. 

So, the lesson I learned today, if I don’t turn to the One who has led me here, I’m going to wilt.  If I sit in His light, I will blossom and grow and the colors of my petals will be vivid and extraordinary.

Road Less Traveled

This week on Wishcasting Wednesday we are asked a seemingly simple question:

What do you wish to know?

There are so many things I wish to know.  I think the biggest one on my mind right now is how to take the high road.  How do I be the bigger person?  Because I truly wish to,  but avoidance isn’t going to do any good….  and I’m afraid if I encounter a certain person today then I will for sure not be able to take the road less traveled. So how do I handle a sticky situation with poise and grace?

I guess if we all could figure that out, the world would be a much more peaceful place to live.