The Heart of Mary

I have found something new to put my time and attention towards.  (You know those few spare moments I can find here and there.)  So, because I am absolutely and completely insane, I have joined a huge group of absolutely and completely insane people over at NaNoWriMo.  We will all be attempting to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days time from November 1 to November 30.  INSANE!!!  But, I am actually really really really really excited about it and I keep having to stop myself from writing (the rules state that you can’t begin until the 1st).

What is it going to be about, you ask?  Well, here goes…

I’ve always enjoyed writing thoughts down, sharing them here and there with others, and really letting my brain go into a philosophical dive from time to time.  But, every time I’ve tried to write fiction, I just can’t seem to let the characters take over to tell the story.  Lately Wade and I have been really trying to actively grow in our faith, meditating on talks and reading the Catechism and Scripture.  Through all this, an idea emerged that has completely taken over my heart and soul.  It really started when I was pregnant with Ev.

The one question I have continually asked myself has been, “I wonder if Mary went through this with Jesus.”  With everything involving motherhood I have thought this, did Mary have morning sickness?  did Mary have heartburn?  was Jesus born with hair if she did?  did Mary just want to sit in a hot bath all day to take the soreness from her back?  how did Mary sooth Jesus when he was teething?  did she have trouble nursing him at all?

I bet I think these thoughts several times a day.  And then it always leads me to reflect on Jesus’ life in a different way.  Seriously, Jesus came to us as an infant.  He had to learn to walk and talk like we did.  And eat pureed fruit for the first year of His life.

One of the speakers Wade and I enjoy a lot (Matthew Kelly) spoke about Mary and motherhood in general.  He said, “Nobody sees a child’s life like his mother.  Even his father.”  He goes on to talk about how we should all want to enter into the Heart of Mary to reflect on Jesus’ life.  Which leads me to my attempt at a novel.

I want to truly enter into the heart of Mary to reflect on Jesus’ life.  And I want to share it with whoever will join me.  Most people who participate in NaNoWriMo spend October researching and outlining their stories.  So, I have been spending my month trying to enter into Mary’s heart and soul, reading all I can and thinking about Jesus’ life from her eyes.  I hope you are as excited as I am for November to roll around to see where this meditation takes us.  But for now, I will leave you with a reflection I had the other day.  Keep in mind that it is a very rough draft and by no means a completed work.  However, I hope that it leaves you wanting more!!!

Wedding at Cana

“I know that my son’s time is drawing near.  My heart and soul can feel the times changing.  I’m not ready to give my Son to the world, but as God wills it, so it will be.  The wedding feast is next week and I am very excited for the celebration, but I am sad in seeing Jesus start His ministry.  I’m sad to see it start because I don’t want it to end.  He doesn’t quite realize that His time is drawing near, but He  soon will.  After all, He is the Son of God….”

I can’t wait to really explore these thoughts, and I hope you are ready for this journey come November!!!  I will post tidbits as I write them!!!!


Bringing up a Creative Genius

The wonderful people at Cotton Babies have posted a wonderful question for reflection, sharing, and most importantly, winning the awesome new series of cloth diapers.  BumGenius has been covering Ev’s bottom since she was born and they have been the most amazing money and environment savers ever!  So, I am posting for several reasons, one: I finally got my blog up and running again, overcoming stupid technical problems. Two: have you seen the Tiny Socialite Diapers? Worth the post!  And third:  I love the question.  Here it is:

How do you encourage a creative, artistic spirit in your child?

Besides the fact that Evalyn is known to be found right next to her daddy on the piano bench, pounding the keys, at six months her spit bubbles have started to form shapes and the peas she has been eating have become wonderful murals on the high chair tray.  Unfortunately, I have to wash them off.  She has also become a very imaginative storyteller.  Anytime she starts to tell us a story, we are more than willing to listen!

Her daddy and I were discussing how blessed we are that our parents fostered any hint of talent and passion we had as children.  Wade is an amazing musician, and much credit goes to his parents for seeing it shine from his soul and helping his talent grow as he did.  My parents always saw my love of writing, even when I didn’t.  They would buy me books to write in and encourage me when I would get discouraged.  I believe that every single one of our siblings can say the same thing.  We were all encouraged to be who we were made to be and help share our gifts and passions with the world.

We have realized this and wish to make in an active part in our parenting.  Already Evalyn shows a great interest in music by singing when her dad does, actually she sings when anyone starts singing.  If that is her passion, if it’s written on her soul, then that is what we will help her nourish.  If she winds up wanting to design houses we will help her through architect school; if she wants to paint murals we will buy her paintbrushes; if she wants to capture the world on film we will buy her a camera.

We want to help our children’s souls soar, we don’t want to rip the life out of them.

In light of this, I wrote Ev a poem.

Dear Evalyn,

You shall soar with wings like an eagle’s

And swim the oceans like a dolphin.

Climb the trees of jungles like a chimp

And weave a web like a spider.

What you were made to be

Let that come forth

With nurturing and love

And a sprinkle of time

Your soul will shine

In music

In art

In dance

In words

In song

Let me not stand in the way,

Let me help you foster the gifts

Show the world your beauty.

Give life through your own.