Discernment…what a Beast!

Lately I have been discerning God’s Will for my and the life of my family.  It seems like it would be such and easy thing to figure out where God wants me, but it is not.  It seems as if we are at a pitch fork and we need to know where to throw the hay….that’s not how that saying goes is it?  Close though.  I feel like there are so many dreams to work towards, so many goals to accomplish and I don’t know where to start!  That is how I always wind up here, in my blogs.  It gets my creativity going and gets me excited to create or write or connect to other souls in some way.  Crazy as it seems, throwing random, nonsensical words into cyber-space actually gets the blood dancing through my brain again.

Maybe this blog will bring the answer I’ve been praying for!


Feed the Dream

Lately Wade and I have found that we are so much happier when we feed our passions.  It sounds so simple, and yet it is one of the toughest things to do.  I find myself finding other, less soul-feeding things to do like Facebook, or movies, or shopping online for things I don’t have money to buy.

I don’t understand why I choose to do those thing over my passions and dreams.   Our dreams are what make life much more exciting and fun.  It gives us a purpose, it allows us to be ourselves.

I was talking to a good friend yesterday who has a really fun dream to start a fun little store.  Then she said, “but, it’s just a dream.”  Why do we underestimate the power of what our dreams can do for us?  It may be just a dream, but that dream can become reality if we start focusing on that and work towards it.  Anything we do we have to trade out for something else.  For instance, if I want to watch a movie, I am doing that instead of going for a walk or reading a book.  If we aren’t focusing on our dreams, we are focusing on something else, something that isn’t going to feed our souls as much.

Dreams have power.  Our passions have power.  We should feed that power.

Our dreams right now (just to name a couple):

Pay off our mortgage in 5 years (yes it is MORE than possible, and then we will be 100% debt-free!)

Go to Ireland-our big trip once we our debt free!

Wade wants to record a full album-total band and all of his own songs

I would like to stay home and raise babies, bringing in money from writing or something creative

We have more, we both have what we call our “Dream Books”….we got the idea from Matthew Kelly.  As a team, Team Nutts, we try and help each other focus on our passions….work on our dreams.  For instance, we have a new goal we’ve set for the house.  No TV except on weekends.  It is wonderful.  Instead of mindlessly watching fake lives, I actually do things like make wine charms or read a good book.

So, today’s my day off and I’m going to ask you the same question my husband asked me at lunch:

Have you fed your passions today?