Lenten Journey 2011

I have been away from writing for quite some time. I do miss it, but I have been in this first trimester fog of extreme exhaustion mixed with chasing my almost-one-year-old around. But, the Church in Her infinite wisdom, gives us this time of repentance and growing in faith. So, here I am, letting go of the TV once more and in place of that I am to blog every night. Or almost every night…weekends don’t count, especially this weekend due to a retreat!

So, hopefully I will shed insight into my Lenten Journey and share how I am growing, and quite possibly how I am resisting the growth…sometimes it can be scary how the Lord wants us to grow.

Right now I have been reading “The Immaculate Heart of Mary: True Devotion” by Father Robert J. Fox. This came about because our Confirmation retreat is themed and devoted to the Immaculate Heart of our Mother.

In this book, Fox talks about how incredibly pure Mary’s heart is. He also talks about how we should place our own hearts between that of Jesus and Mary. How beautiful is that place! It seems so safe, so Holy, so incredibly hard to obtain. But, the Grace of God has already started working on my soul and I feel as though if I let God do His work, my heart just may be able to reside in the safety of our Mother’s and our Savior’s.