As I try to make sense of the passing of a dear friend’s husband…all I can think about is the blessings we have in today’s moment.  Nothing is gaurantee.  Nothing.  God gives and God takes.  It still doesn’t anwser the whys.  It still doesn’t make sense of anything.  Good people go too quickly and leave the rest of us wondering why.  I can’t even write a coherent thought right now.  All I can do is try and continue to process and be present to my friend when she needs me.

Husband and I watched “Courageous” last night and one quote really hits home right now.

“Are you going to be angry for the time you didn’t have with [him] or are you going to be grateful for the time you did have?”

As difficult as it may be, focusing on the good times will get us through the difficult times to come.

Grateful to remember:

Him changing into jeans at his own wedding reception.

His simple, calm, almost mischievous, constant grin.

His quiet, yet confident presence.

The way he looked at and loved Kristi.

The baby that will be born a beautiful legacy to his name.

There are many more memories to be grateful for.  And we are grateful.

Thank you, Lord, for blessing us all with the beautiful spirit in such a humble servant as Kendrick.  And just as I read posted elsewhere (I don’t remember where but it is perfect), “He is dancing in Heaven which suits him.  Along with a horse and a John Deere.” 



Intentional Parenting

Michelle Duggar = my new hero.  

I’ve always had a great respect for her.  I mean, the woman is obviously pro-life.  Pro-life in the sense that she doesn’t use contraception and remains open to any life God wishes to give her.  Even if this means ridicule from the rest of the world.  My interest and respect deepened for Mrs. Duggar when she recently had a miscarriage and had a beautiful funeral for her baby girl.  What a wonderful testament to the value of a human life.  

So, I bought the Duggars’ first book: 20 and Counting and I have read over half of it in a very short amount of time.  Oh my goodness, it is very inspiring.  It has answered my prayer to be a better mother.  The stories they tell and the example they have set make me really want to grow and grow.  

I’ve been reflecting on this a lot lately, even before I started reading this book…I just want to be a good mother….scratch that…I want to be a GREAT mother.  I want my children to grow up and love the Lord with all their hearts.  I want them to be well-disciplined, obedient, kind, generous, good people.  So how do I do that in the midst of our every day?  How do I grow our kids to be the absolute best version of what God created them to be?

Through the help of this book and much personal reflection, I can tell you…INTENTIONAL PARENTING!  Everything we do needs to be intentional, every moment a teaching moment.  Easier said then done, sure, but as I’ve become aware of the goals I want for my children, my parenting and discipline becomes a little easier with a goal in mind.  

For example, I know I want #1 to do what we say when we say it, but why is it so important?  Because obedience is very important to living a Christ-like existence (especially if #2 is intended to be a priest 😉  ).   Our spiritual well-being is centered around how well we obey what God is calling us to do in even the little moments of our lives….and how can we learn to obey our God if we can’t even learn to obey our parents?  

So, to all the people who find us crazy for considering homeschooling, for considering ridding of the TV (still an inner struggle…probably will be until I finally do get rid of the thing), for disciplining when most wouldn’t, and for anything else that seems ludicrous to you…I say this:

Hopefully you will be thanking me in 20 years when my kids are deeply rooted in Christ and hold respect for those around them.

Thank you, Michelle Duggar, for helping me put into words what I’ve been struggling with for so many weeks now.  

Check out their book!!!!



When I registered to have my new little bundle of joy at the hospital and the woman read from the screen:  “and you’re unemployed, correct?”  I really wanted to scream at her and the thought even crossed my mind to pull her hair a bit.

Let me explain why.

On an average day here’s what the numbers look like for me:

4 poopy diapers

5 wet diapers

2 meals + clean up for 3 meals

3 loads of laundry

2 loads of dishes

1 art project

1 room deep cleaned

4 naps

2 fussy kids

12 feedings

4-5 hours of VERY interrupted sleep

2 baths

5 bazillion toys picked up repeatedly (this number may be exaggerated, but that’s how it feels some days)

100 + hugs and kisses

200 smiles and giggles

Please, tell me how on earth I’m considered unemployed!  I have the best kind of employment on the face of the earth!  Not to mention that most people work from 8-5 or 9-5.  I work around the clock.  Literally.   And for the moms that leave the house to go to a second job, I don’t know how you do it.

Next time you talk to a mom who works at home, please don’t ask her if she still works.  In my case, my work just started.