Ash Wednesday: What’s your call?

Ash Wednesday: it’s approaching at a rapid pace.  And I just realized that Lent is going to kick my butt this year.  Truthfully, I will gladly let it.  I miss being deeply rooted in my faith….it’s seems like my prayer life has up and walked away from me.  The sad thing is that I haven’t fought very hard to keep it alive.  Well, Jesus is calling my name….and I am really resisting what He’s calling me to do for Lent this year.

I have always dreaded contemplating His Passion…it just hurts way too much.  When I truly reflect and enter in to what Jesus did for us, my heart and soul hurt.  So, usually I find excuses to not think about it.  I like to skip over the Sorrowful Mysteries when I pray the Rosary, I like to breeze through Lent without going to the Stations.  Well, this year it is on my heart to attend every single Station of the Cross on Fridays this year.  Plus, I will start Lent by watching the Passion of Christ on Ash Wednesday.

I am not looking forward to this while looking forward to it at the same time.  Hopefully it will draw me closer to my Savior.  I believe it may also draw me closer to the heart of His mother.  I invite all of you, Catholic and non-Catholic to enter this meditation with me as we prepare our hearts for Jesus.  Remember, we can’t have the Resurrection without the Cross.


The Bad Days Gone Good

Tough days are tough.

BUT.  We wouldn’t realize they were tough unless we got to experience the good days.  So even on days that I am overly ready for the babies to be in bed, or myself be in bed for that matter, I just remind myself of the goodness in the life that God has given me.  This morning I got to sleep in (and I still wanted a few more hours) but when I got up, I fed little D and then both he and #1 sat in my lap and cuddled me until breakfast was ready.  Yes, my wonderful husband makes me breakfast most mornings. 🙂  So even with all the fussy going on today, I got to start with cuddles.  Not to mention the fact that both kids, even on ‘rough days’ give out plenty of hugs, kisses, and TONS of smiles and giggles.

#1 also gets cuter by the day (who am I kidding, they both do.) That aside, it is so fun to see her developing something new every day.  Sentences are starting to form from her mouth, plus she keeps making supper in random toys and dishes around the house referring to it as “rack-a-roni”.  I know.  She’s cute.   You can’t have her.

All this to say, be thankful on the bad days that you know what a bad day is.  That means you have experienced the good ones!