I have a love/hate relationship with being a mother.  It is the best, most wonderful gift God has ever given me.  The fact that it is so wonderful, however, means that there are many difficult things that come with the package.  Nothing wonderful ever comes easy.  One of the hardest parts of it all is to keep focused on the end goal.  What is the end goal?

For my children to love and serve the Lord with all their hearts so that we can all be united for eternity.

This is why parenting is so difficult.  The goal is forgotten quite frequently a midst the daily grind of temper tantrums, runny noses, nap-time battles, and poop.  Lots of poop.  That, and the goal is difficult to fulfill ourselves…there are days that, let’s face it, I don’t even want to be a servant.  I’m too selfish to want to be a servant all the time.

So, God gives us children to help us re-focus ourselves on the ultimate goal, to help us remember what really is important in life, and to sanctify us.  Because, really, even with all this in mind it doesn’t make it any easier, so we must lift up the parts that are really hard and pray they draw us ever closer to the heart of our Savior.

With much prayer and reflection, maybe one day we will attain sainthood along with our children and bring others along with us.  Maybe one day the goal won’t be a back-burner after thought, but a second nature habit we will live by.

Mother Mary, pray for us that we can know your Son’s heart the way you do so we can spread His joy and love throughout the earth.  Pray that we become holy mothers as you are so that we too can be united with our children for eternity.