Dare to Dream!

Husband and I went on a child free vacation to Las Vegas last week.  It was AMAZING!  We created some crazy adventures and imprinted some fun memories in our brains.  We strolled the Strip hand in hand without pushing a stroller, we made lame excuses to the sales people on the streets (something to the effect of “we’re invisible”) and we wore some amazing fake mustaches around the city.  We solved mysteries and saw Beatles’s Love….we lost all the gambling money we took.  I bought some really really really cute shoes. (I could write an entire post on the shoes alone.)  Even with all these experiences and memories, my favorite afternoon was sitting by the pool and listing our dreams together.

Wade has always taken an interest in my dreams.  He has always encouraged me and helped me take steps to accomplish my goals. I had never learned how to express my dreams until he came along.  I have always had dreams and sort of worked towards them, but Wade has shown me how to verbalize them and make progress towards them.   One of the ways he inspires me is by chasing his own dreams.  He always has a full list of projects to work on because he is always chasing and catching his dreams. 

He bought me a book a couple of Christmases ago that I just got around to reading.  It’s called the Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly.  A very  motivational book, to say the least.  Kelly expresses that we all have dreams and life does not feel fulfilling unless we are chasing those dreams.  That’s the book in a nutshell.  You should still read it, that wasn’t a spoiler.


We are all supposed to be Dream Managers of those we love.  It does take some vulnerability and openness to share dreams, but when we start sharing dreams, avenues of greatness are paved.  One of the first questions we should ask people is, “What’s your dream?”  People may not know how to respond at first, but it will at least get the thought process rolling! 

God places dreams on our hearts for us to give life to them.  When we stop chasing dreams, life gets mundane and overwhelming.  We get frustrated and bored and very unhappy. 

I am a very blessed woman to have the love of my life helping me chase my dreams.  We try to revisit our dreams often to keep focused on them…I am usually the one who needs the focusing.  =)  Not only does this build our intimacy, but it gives us goals to pursue together and as unique individuals.  When our children are old enough to dream beyond parks and ice cream my goal is to help foster their dreams into reality as well. 

What’s my dream, you ask?

  • I want to write…which always surprises me that that is on my heart…but when I write…I feel a sense of freedom…my soul starts flying.  And because we have rehashed our dreams in Vegas, I have created a writing schedule and you will see more posts! 
  • I want to go to Ireland someday.  When the kids are older and I can leave them for a month. 
  • I want to write a novel.  The plot is in the making and because of above mentioned writing schedule, I will begin/continue it!
  • I want to save money for something big and I want to take photography classes.  These go hand in hand right now because the first thing I am going to save for is a new camera lens (mine broke) and then take photography classes.
  • I have a few more….once I figure out how to do those fun lists on the side of my blog I will post the entire ongoing Dream list.

So, dare I ask,