I LOVE Chick fil A

There are a million reasons why I love Chick fil A.  From the awesome sandwich to the Polynesian sauce, to the great people that work there.  I have never worked for a greater company, nor will I probably ever again.  I have struggled to voice my thoughts on the controversy surrounding my favorite “quick service’ restaurant.  I have many great friends that work within the company, some that own/operate their own stores.  A dear friend of mine from college has the pleasure of owning a free-standing store in Amarillo.  He is a very devoted husband and father, an amazing man of God and he has been an inspiration in this crazy time.  I have asked his permission to post his thoughts on the issue as a “guest blogger” (my first ever) because he is so eloquently spoken and is living in the heart of the issues.  Who better to hear the scoop from?  Without further ado, I give you Joshua Raef:

I am sick to my stomach at the vitriol being poured out by Christians on Chick-fil-A’s Facebook page over our supposed “cave” and our “cowardice”. There are some saying we are only about the almighty dollar.

Let me set a few things straight:

– Most of us have had INCREASED sales since the controversy. We weren’t losing money because of the boycott. So CFA didn’t “cave” because they were losing money.

– Notice that when a company typically “caves” it will give money to the opposite cause. CFA didn’t do that and didn’t say that Dan had changed his mind about the issue.- Chick-fil-A simply clarified its giving, and is not giving to anyone who doesn’t fit their giving profile (things such as education, marriage support, foster care, etc.)

– When CFA gave to Focus on the Family, etc. they gave thinking they were strengthening marriages – they were NOT giving to try to lobby for laws preserving traditional marriage. They have never wanted to be involved in politics.

So Chick-fil-A is simply not giving anymore to controversial groups. What’s so bad about that? What’s so wrong? If you love Focus or Exodus or WHATEVER so much then give to those groups yourself! You’re just as bad as the liberals you decried a month ago for DEMANDING CFA give to certain groups. It’s their money – they can do what the heck they want with it!

And please, Christians, don’t say we’ve given up our values. So you’re going to not eat with us anymore over this? Seriously? Sure, go eat at McDonald’s or Wendy’s or some other faceless corporate giant who doesn’t have the heart CFA does, who doesn’t care about making a positive impact on lives like CFA does, who doesn’t care what is in their food or who they hire and develop like Chick-fil-A does. These places truly do care just about the almighty dollar.

And one more thing, Christians – how do we make a positive impact on society and spread the Gospel if WE ONLY SERVE AND HANG AROUND THOSE THAT BELIEVE EXACTLY AS WE DO?!?! I’ve been told for years by the company that our real value in being a Christian company is showing Jesus’ message through our ACTIONS – great service, being closed on Sunday, pouring our hearts (and profits!) back into our local communities. Then, when people ask us what makes us such a great company, THEN we tell them about our values and the fact that we’re founded on biblical principles. But folks, you can’t do that by alienating half the population through controversial social donations or statements. Remember – Jesus practiced open-table fellowship. He didn’t dine with people like him!!!

I think Chick-fil-A was pitch perfect in their “Who We Are” document outlining their giving and I think they are spot-on for focusing their donations so that we can get back to our core values as a company. I have never been more proud to work for this company and for Dan Cathy’s leadership. Give up our values? Last time I checked our Corporate Purpose was and will always be:

“To glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us. To have a positive impact on ALL who come in contact with Chick-fil-A.” (emphasis mine).

Thank you, Josh, for you words.  Let us all strive to have a POSITIVE impact on all we come across.

Here is the link to “Chick fil A: Who we Are.”


Catholic Homeschooling Mommy

Husband and I have prayed and discerned about home schooling our children.  The more prayer and research we do, the less we want them in public school at all.  The decision is mostly a spiritual one.  We want our kids to have the Faith integrated in everything we do every day.  We are called as parents to be the primary educators of our children and in the Nutt House, we plan to do just that!  Yesterday I realized how serious I was about it when I looked into my purse.  Here’s a list of yesterday’s contents:

1.  “The Confessions of St. Augustine”

2. “Catholic Home Schooling, A Parent’s Handbook”

3. Holy Simplicity Daily Planner

4. A snack cup full of animal crackers

5. Sippy cup

6. one blue hot wheels

7. Two extra pairs of clean panties

8. One disposable diaper

9. Small coin purse containing what my 2 year old calls, “Lippy Lip” (lip gloss and chap stick)

10. A Rosary

11. One bottle of turquoise nail polish


Yes, I am a Catholic nerd that has every intention of educating my children.  I also need to clean out my purse.