Writing Wednesday: Finding Purpose and Intent

*Disclaimer* This was written on Wednesday, even though in was posted dangerously close to Thursday.  Count it!

Husband is playing a concert tomorrow in a small Texas panhandle town.  It is going to be amazing for many reasons.  He has been working really, really hard to put on a great show.  Plus, let’s face it, I married the most handsome, talented and goofy man ever (who wouldn’t want to watch him perform for an hour?)  Plus, he’s the king of lame jokes.  I have no doubt that the people gathering tomorrow will hear plenty of lame jokes.  Do not fear, they will laugh and I am always grateful when there are other people around to laugh so I don’t have to.  (I’m joking.  Sort of.)  

I tell you all this for a number of reasons.  The first being that we are making strides to reach dreams that God has placed on our hearts.  Husband has had several great opportunities come his way in the past few months.  He is working as an online curriculum manager for someone he really looks up to in the industry, he is doing this fun concert tomorrow (going on tour being the ultimate dream we are working towards), and he is working on a fun new internet based project that we will begin saving money toward in the next month.

Watching him constantly reach goals and create new ones as I sit and surf Facebook into the wee hours of the night has re-motivated me to actually work on things I want to accomplish.  For instance: writing a novel.  I mention this over and over, but this time I’m actually working on it.  I have found a blog (actually my mom found it) for writers with some really cool writing worksheets.  I am hesitant to write because I am not sure how to develop characters (and I’m scared to start).  This blog (Writer’s ER) has been uplifting and given me purpose when I sit down to write.  Have intent when I sit to write is so helpful.  I have a direction.  Sometimes the muse takes you on a different path than you originally intended, but the point is you went somewhere.  Having intent takes away the excuse of “not knowing what to write”.  I love having a reason to sit at the computer and write.  We will see where this journey leads.  I hope it’s somewhere fun and happy.


Stay tuned for Photography Friday.  A time and place where I will post about my other part-time hobby.  Don’t get your hopes up too high.  I’m still learning the ropes!


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