Life is a Lesson

As my children continue to grow, I take delight in watching them learn new things.  My oldest has graduated into a full-fledged preschooler and she is constantly wanting to read, do crafts and do “schoolwork.”  I love the idea of homeschooling and can’t wait until we officially start school.  That is until I overwhelm myself by thinking about figuring out curriculum and planning a school year in full.  All that and adding another baby to the mix can make my head spin.

However, we have had two really fun experiences in the past week that have made me very, very excited for homeschooling.    I am re-energized about it because these two incidences have shown me that learning is in life, not in the schedules.  (Don’t get me wrong, I know that I will have to plan lessons to ensure my children are learning how to read and add.)

The first “lesson” happened as I pulled a whole herb-rubbed chicken from the crock pot.  (Which turned out to be delicious.)  I was pulling the meat off the bones and my three-year-old became very interested.  “Is that a bone?!  Can I see it?  Can I touch it?  Is that the chicken’s leg?!”  So we began an impromptu anatomy lesson.  I should mention that said three-year-old  is insanely interested in all things medical.  She loves doctors, nurses, and people’s “owies.”  I showed her the rib cage, the way the wings went back and forth on a hinge, the vertebrae and anything else I could think to show here on the chicken skeleton.  I will add that it may have been a creepy site, this bird de-meated with its limbs hanging loosely at its side, but, man, did she love it.  I very easily could have said, “we don’t have time to look at it, dinner’s hot and on the table,” but I am so glad that I took the time to watch her learn.  Her face filled with amazement and she talked about the bones the rest of dinner.  A simple lesson birthed without a lesson plan.

The second “lesson” happened this morning.  I have not felt well the past couple of days.  I’m hoping it passes quickly (I don’t think it’s pregnancy related, although I could be wrong.)  My wonderful husband was up early with the kids (he has let me sleep in since the beginning of this pregnancy, but this morning was extra early.)  I could tell he needed a break so I sent him to take a nap.  What could I do with two young children and not move much?  Well, we decided to have a “reading day”.  We camped out under the baby grand with blankets, pillows, and bowls of grapes to read for quite a while.  Granted, I could have read all day under there, but they had other thoughts on that matter!  We were learning, resting, and enjoying each others’ company all at the same time.  I cannot think of any better way to let my kids learn through life.



This is not from today, but it was another day filled with snuggles and books.

I will love homeschooling if I allow us to continue these spontaneous moments of learning and fun.  I can’t continue to stress over the details that will take the fun out of it and defeat one of the main purposes I want to homeschool!  What are some of your favorite learning moments?


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