It’s finally starting to click.

I’ll admit it, I’m completely and totally OBSESSED with photography.  My evening down time has been filled with reading photography books, watching tutorials on, and stalking photo blogs to find tips and cool pics.   Even with all this studying I have been struggling to understand aperture.  I mean, really if it’s bigger, it’s smaller, but you have more focus and if it;s small it’s big with less focus.  I know, it’s completely confusing.  The exciting thing for me?  I’m finally getting it!  I mean really getting it!!!  I know I have tons more to learn, but I actually understand what aperture is and how it affects the exposure.  I still need to practice with it and figure out how to create the shots I want, but I’m getting it!

I have been very blessed by moms in town letting me photograph their kids.  I have kept myself busy with shoots and editing and learning everything that goes along with both of those.  I have figured out how to get some great shots of one or two kids.  Now I must progress into family shots.  Any takers for modeling and letting me learn that craft?  I would love to practice posing, focusing, and making people happy with some gorgeous photos.  Anyway, here’s some fun shots of my kids I’ve gotten lately and practiced some new editing techniques on.


I did a fun photo shoot of child #1 in her dress up box.  I learned how to pull out the colors I wanted in Photoshop’s Camera Raw.  I LOVE this photo.


My kids learned the joy of puddle jumping.  I love the slight movement you can see in this one.


No better friend than your doll!


A handsome boy with his trike.  The early morning sun was perfect for this shot.


One of my all time favorites.  Daddy got photo-bombed.